Greater New Orleans Health Information Exchange is now PelEX

The health information exchange run by PATH and LPHI changes its brand, looks statewide


JUNE 20, 2023

Since 2013, the Greater New Orleans Health Information Exchange (PelEX) has been serving Louisiana’s Medicaid population through a focused involvement of vital Federally Qualified Health Centers and community health clinics. PelEX was cultivated out of a strong foundation of FQHCs in the New Orleans area seeking to promote care coordination, improved population health initiatives, and access to primary care, and over the last 10 years, have continued to carry that mission into other areas of Louisiana, including Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Opelousas.

We are proud to announce that PelEX will change its name and brand to PelEX, signifying the widening horizons for the health information exchange and its member network. As we continue to grow our network across Louisiana, our organization remains committed to providing a health information exchange for all, with a focus on underserved and vulnerable patient populations.

In an unveiling of the rebrand during the 2023 PATH Member Event, Executive Director Tom Carton spoke about the rebrand as “signifying the broader scope and reach of services and impact.” PelEX reiterates our dedication to all of Louisiana’s patients, especially patients who depend on Medicaid, to improve care coordination and foster better health outcomes for all.

Our new logo features the state of Louisiana and its state bird, the pelican, both symbolizing the HIE’s new approach to care coordination from a statewide lens.

As of press time, the HIE will begin a transition process to operate under PelEX name and retire PelEX name, while simultaneously transitioning our branding across communication materials and technical interfaces. Our team will maintain open communications about rebranding efforts with all members, partners, and technical vendors. Thank you for your patience as our team navigates this transition.

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For any press and media questions, please contact For questions regarding PelEX, please contact Van Le at

LEGAL: PelEX will continue to function as the HIE’s brand under Partnerships for Achieving Total Health (PATH). All legal contracts and agreements signed with PATH will remain unchanged and there is no immediate action required for signed agreements. Future agreements and contract amendments will replace “GNOHIE” with “PelEX.”

UPDATE: In the last sentence of the legal statement, it was erroneously stated that “contract amendments will replace ‘PelEX’ with ‘PelEX.'” The error has been corrected and states “contract amendments will replace ‘GNOHIE’ with ‘PelEX.'” (July 11, 2023)