JUNE 20, 2023


NEW ORLEANS – The Greater New Orleans Health Information Exchange (GNOHIE), a 509(a)(3) supporting organization of the Louisiana Public Health Institute, has completed an extensive rebranding effort in response to its increased levels of reach and impact throughout Louisiana and its commitment to improving health outcomes for all.

The Louisiana-inspired rebranding includes a name change from GNOHIE to PelEX, a new inspired logo, a new inclusive tagline – A Health Information Exchange for All, and a new web address – pelexhie.org.

Since its inception in 2013, GNOHIE has been at the forefront of providing a network of community health centers and integrated hospital systems in the New Orleans area with the secure and meaningful exchange of patients’ electronic medical information through user-friendly digital solutions that enable real-time access to critical patient data, leading to improved care coordination, quality, and population health outcomes.

“Having served on the board of GNOHIE, now PelEX, since its earliest days, I know that every time our network grows, the number of Louisianians who receive improved care grows,” said Michael Andry, CEO of EXCELth, Inc., adding, “We are taking the power of partnership state-wide, and our brand is reflective of that goal.”

PelEX is dedicated to advancing the health of everyone in Louisiana and is focused on ensuring that underserved and vulnerable populations benefit from data-sharing technologies. Over the past decade, in addition to the organization’s network expansion, including facilities in central and northwest Louisiana, it has welcomed non-traditional participants, such as correctional health providers and coroner offices. With support from the Louisiana Department of Health, the organization leveraged Medicaid data alongside clinical data from participating providers to establish a new suite of integrated data services to support Medicaid providers and their patients.

 “This rebrand is more than just a new name and a new look for us,” said Tom Carton, PelEX Executive Director. “It expresses our commitment to advance care and coordination to the benefit of everyone in Louisiana, which is why we incorporated the iconic Louisiana state bird, the pelican, into our name and logo, and we emphasize that we are a health information exchange for all in our tagline.” 

The PelEX team has begun phasing out the GNOHIE name and is in the process of updating all materials and IT systems to reflect the brand change.

For more information about PelEX or to sign up for email updates, visit pelexhie.org.

About LPHI: The Louisiana Public Health Institute (LPHI) is a statewide 501(c)(3) nonprofit public health institute that has proudly served the residents of Louisiana for over 25 years. As the public health landscape shifts and changes at an ever-quickening pace, LPHI’s role is to be both responsive to the immediate public health needs of Louisiana residents and to create an environment for long-term public health improvements. LPHI has four priority areas as part of its strategic plan, including Racial Justice and Health Equity, Partnerships and Collaboration, A Healthier Louisiana, and A Thriving Organization, and aims to help all Louisianans achieve their full potential for health and wellness. For more information, visit lphi.org.

About PelEX: PelEX is a health information exchange network dedicated to advancing health for all of Louisiana’s communities. PelEX provides timely, actionable data to empower care teams to deliver the best care possible. PelEX serves as a trusted health data steward through community-driven data sharing and meaningful collaboration.  

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